Friday, September 5, 2008

Never a dull moment...

LeAnne learned how to suck out of a straw today!! It was too cute,I've got some really cute pictures to share with ya. Our girl is such a ham for the camera. She can be contently playing, see the camera appear and turn on the charm. Get this earlier this week I had someone ask me if LeAnne was 2 years. old. HUH? It's gotta be the hair. LOL!! Daddy is workin this weekend so we are going to do the Dayton fair with Grandma Marcia today, go to church on Sunday and then go ride the Hoyecki's pony Nubby.

In other news my sister got a job as a pharmacy assistant at the Pharmacy in town. Go sister! I am so proud of her!!!

I have a call into the Dayton School district to get all my paper work done so I can be a substitute. I'll call again on Monday, I think with the fair in town things pretty much screech to a halt. I hope they use me on a consistent basis until I find something full time, we are startin to get concerned about $ and I really don't want to be forced to do a job with long hours that I'll hate. Open my eyes God to see the path you have for me.

I appreciate your continued prayers for God's guidance in our lives and prayers of thanksgiving that He is providing for us. On to the pictures...

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Katie said...

Your baby looks so much like a little doll! She is so precious.