Monday, September 15, 2008

So many thoughts whirling in my head I had to make a list...

Hello there! I am warning you now this is going to be a post full of the ramblings of a young mama. Through out the day I have so many thoughts going through my head, I've been making notes about my thoughts so I'd remember, I've been wanting to blog, but one busy lil bee keeps her mama hoping. There are a few amazing blogs I read, these extraordinary women have multiple children and I really would love to know how they keep up with their blogs. Time is limited so I'll jump right in, sit down, buckle up, and lets get going. Oh and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any and all comments!!

God's provision & guidance

I am so thankful God has provided for our family. This time last year I would never have imagined I'd be able to be home with LeAnne for almost a year. Don't you just wish God would hold up a big sign saying "Turn Here"? I know I do. Don't you wish God would give you a glimpse into His will for your life? I know I do? I am praying for His will, I am looking for some insight into where to turn next in regards to me finding a job but it's dark, please turn on the lights God. Show me something. I know in His perfect timing He will bring that opportunity before me. As usual I am very impatient. I just hope I am not missing what He's trying to tell me.

Waiting for the Call...

I turned in all my paper work and had my fingerprints taken so the district can run a background check. I am ready to be a substitute as an assistant, a paraprofessional, a kitchen helper and a library assistant.

Pondering a few ways to make $$

Should I try selling Creative Memories or doing after school day care? Do I take the risk?

It's called Interaction

So yesterday evening I am cooking dinner, John is watching LeAnne and I hear him talking to her about what they were doing. It was so adorable. John is such a good daddy! It makes me love him even more to see him with his lil girl. LeAnne was using the lid to her cookie jar as a cell phone and sharing it with daddy. They were taking turns talking on the lid phone as daddy called it. At one point I hear him say this is what you call interaction. It was a priceless moment.

John's Birthday

He worked on the fence most of the day and felt great about what he accomplished. Then mom watched LeAnne and we went to dinner at a local cafe. It was so YUMMY and even better that it was virtually FREE. We used the rest of the gift certificated from our realitor/loan processor and my mom gave him some money for his b-day. We both had the Ribeye steak with some veggies and corn cakes. Have you ever had a corn cake? It was really good. I must figure out how to make it. Then we came home and I had made him a red velevet chocolate cake with raspberry filling. He LOVED it!! I did good!

3 Layout a week Scrap challenge

I didn't make it this week! I've got 1 page almost done, and added some pictures to a page that was completed by someone at my baby shower. I have 2 pages I must get a roll on for something I am doing for LeAnne's b-day. John goes on nights starting tonight so I'll do them after lil one goes to bed. The one night I scrap booked this week was an amazing experience. Read on...

I highly recommend Hypnosis for birth!

I went down to my scrap room after a challenge time of putting LeAnne to bed needing to create and relax. I turned on my nano, came across the play list that I used while in labor with LeAnne and thought I'd put it on for a bit. OMGosh I instantly started to relax and was taken back to that day. I have not listened to the music since she was born. It was so awsome! While pregnant with LeAnne I took lessons from Nancy Allin in Belleveue, WA to learn hynosis/relaxation techniques to help me through labor & delivery. I highly reccomend learning these techniques. Even if you plan on using drugs I still say learn how to relax. The experience will be different for every woman, it won't take the pains away, it is guaranteed to lessen the pain, most women labor faster and with less complication. I have also used these techniques to help me relax, go to sleep at night, get through pain, and reduce stress. I had an amazing birth experience and I owe it to these hypnosis techniques and the support of my husband. If you have questions please feel free to ask.
My man's been busy today

Check it out... John finished the fence in the area by our garage this morning. It looks awesome! He does such great work and feels so good when he can complete something. We are waiting to hear from the city so he can build the rest of the fence. His goal is to have it done by LeAnne's birthday party.

Tupperware is so COOL!

Ya gotta love Tupperware.

Pig tails & Pocket bibs

My niece put LeAnne's hair in pig tails today. It's adorable! They looked better before her nap but here's the best picture I could take. She is looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. I love these pocket bibs. They're awsome! She had Cherrios, real cooked carrots & potatoes from our Pot roast dinner, some diluted apple juice and some baby food Sweet Potatoes and Chicken. Yummy stuff! Can we say messy!

Well I must run, LeAnne is playing with daddy and the dogs and I wanna go play before daddy has to be off to work. Grandma Marcia is coming over later to watch LeAnne so I can mow our lawn. Oh LeAnne took 6 steps today and then made a turn! Look out! I am looking forward to your comments!!!

Okay one more picture because I just saw it and was like YIKES! This is definitely one to show future boyfriends. LOL!!


Katie said...

Wow! You have been doing some thinking. hehe.

I have also considered after school childcare. The only advice I can give is to not do it unless you're in it for the long haul. It wouldn't be fair to start keeping somebody's kiddo and then get a job and leave them sitter-less (is that a word?). That's just my opinion.

LeAnne is absolutely the cutest thing in those pigtails! She is so stinkin cute. It's too bad we live so far - we could certainly have a play-date or two.


Melody said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog through the "grapevine". I too, have an 11 month old little girl. She is trying to help me type this comment, so forgive any typos. I enjoy your blog, and love checking in to see what other 11 month old little girlies are doing : )