Friday, September 26, 2008

Girls clothes are FUN & see her walking

Mama got a few new tops and some nice shoes yesterday for work and of course I couldn't get out of the store without an outfit for LeAnne. It was on sale! The top & jacket fit her well but the pants are a lil big. Our girl is growing! I know I am biased but man she's one beautiful girl! I love her so much! She's in rare form today. Mixing it up, throwing mama off, not following her normal schedule, into everything, and getting frustrating when she can't get what she wants when she wants it. That's my girl! She's one busy bee, she's a thinker and she perseveres. I've been trying to get some video of her walking so here are my attempts, none of which are that good but I wanted to share something. I am so proud of our girl!!

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