Friday, September 19, 2008

Babblings of a mama who needs a nap...

I should be taking a nap about now because the last 2 nights with lil girl have been a little rough but I must finish cooking dinner, and find our floor underneath all the toys in the living room. So while I wait for the chicken to finish cooking I'll babble a bit.

I love my daughter so much! I cherish all our moments together.

Yike I almost forgot to add noodles to that boiling water.

My hubby is so KOOL! He works so hard, makes time for his girls and hold the phone he remembered to make coffee for me last night! This mama greatly appreciated just having to push the button and when she got out of the shower her caffeine was waiting! Thank-you sweetie!

Has anyone seen my creative brain? I need her to come back... come on girl we have a scrap book page that must be created, it's for a special occassion and must be done Sunday night.

Dear Lord please let this job be where ya want me!

I started teaching LeAnne about stacking blocks today. I know I am a bit biased but she's one smart girl. She actually copied me and stacked one block. Look out world here comes LeAnne!

My poor Havanese mix (Gracie) has another ear infection but hopefully this mama has it under control.

I had lunch with my sister today! It was so cool to chat with her and we had the best sandwhiches ever. My auntie Katie brought over these sandwhiches from QFC, they're turkey, cranberry, and cream cheese on a baqet bread. yum!

My mom, auntie Katie *& Grandma had a blast at the quilt show today.

The movie Baby mama isn't that funny. I am going to watch Made of Honor tonight.

Oh that's right I am supposed to be scrap booking. We'll see. Maybe it will inspire me. Nuttin like a good chic flick to get the wheels turning.

LeAnne has been walkin a lot today. I've been trying to get a video but as soon as the camera goes on she drops to her knees to crawl.

gotta jet...LeAnne is up! HUH? I am not done making dinner. The floor is still covered with toys. I did say I loved ALL the moments with her right. I do!

I am back... it's about 10pm here. Finished up the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, then LeAnne helped me pick up her toys (well sorda), we started the coffee and woke up daddy. Lil girl went to bed around 8:30pm, woke up crying about 10 minutes ago, she's back down now and now I am watching Made of Honor. So far it's okay.

I wanna make a trip over to the West side to see some friends and family but we can't spend that kind of money for gas right now and John has a ton of projects going on that he's been working on his days off.

More soon...

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