Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Seahawks!

We had a fun weekend with Auntie Katie and Grandma Nana!! LeAnne was really warming up to both of them a lot more. She was showing them all her skills like waving, making a kissing noise, walking, kicking, playing with her ball, putting the shapes in the shape sorter and just being cute. :-) Nana spent almost all day Saturday with us! That was a lot of fun! She kept saying what a busy bee LeAnne was. On Sunday LeAnne has to sport her Seahawks cheerleader outfit! What a cutie! My camera was on the fritz so these are from auntie Katie's camera but for some reason because I saved them from the web the quality isn't the best. Stay tune for more pictures. I love the one of her and Nana! It was a great weekend... now if I can just get little one to sleep better. I got 5 hours in a row last night! SWEET! My job interview is tomorrow! Please keep them prayers a coming!

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Kristin said...

OMG how very cute is that?????!!!?????
Rah, rah, LeAnne! :-)