Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The best Christmas gift...

LeAnne showing Amanda where her nose is.

Amanda & LeAnne playing on the couch.

I already have my Christmas gift and it's the best gift ever... our little family all together, enjoying each other, helping each other, playing together and making memories that will last a life time! Amanda is having a blast with her little sister, she can't believe how well she's walking and just keeps saying "she's adorable". It makes me so happy to see them together! We are so blessed and so many prayers have been answered!

Since Amanda's bag didn't make it here yesterday she got to open one present, her PJ's and so I thought LeAnne should open one too. Hee hee! Daddy tried to put his foot down but I wore him down and he let her open one gift as long as I didn't help. Way to go baby -- she's a pro already! She got ot open her little tug boat to play with in the bath tub. Then last night we watched our Transiberian Orchestra DVD and then Fred Claus. Today we are going to make Christmas cookies! yummy! Amanda is so excited!

I've resigned myself that I am just not going to get a Christmas letter written this year and think if I start now for next year it might happen. Hee hee! Instead I am going to have someone take a nice family picture of us and put that inside the cards.

Well little one will be up soon so I bet get these pictures uploaded. Amanda's bags made it to Walla Walla last night and should be delivered to us today. In other news; Mom's play was amazing, I took some pictures and recorded her song but I need to let her see them before I share. I wish everyone could have been there. The play has an awesome message and was so cute! Oh and guess what... it's snowing here again. Yikes!

I pray ya'll are having a blessed Christmas season.

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