Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brrr...snow & sick lil girl

Winter has arrived in full force! We have about 14 inches of snow and it's 8 degrees right now. John's been busy keeping the walk ways clear and de-iced, thawing a frozen pipe and thawing our cars. Snow is beautiful but a lot of work! I made a trip to the store today to get some staples and survived.They're doing a great job of trying to keep the roads clear. Amanda sent John a text today asking if it was really 15 degrees. She's very excited to have snow for Christmas. I believe school will be open but 2 hours late tomorrow. I am going to take the day off to be with LeAnne, who is sick. She woke me up screaming at 3am. She puked all over when I picked her up. Cleaned everything up and got her back to bed by 4am. I was wide awake so I worked on my grocery list and then took a shower. She woke up screaming again a little before 6am and once again puked all over me, herself and her bed. Then started the diarrhea. Poor baby has been feeling terrible all day long. She has tried to be in a good mood when she could and were trying to keep her hydrated. I hope this passes quickly. Well I am off to bed. I would appreciate your prayers for safe travels for all of us over here this winter and for LeAnne to get healthy soon. John works Monday - Thursday night and then he's off for a week. :-) Stay warm and be safe!

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Melody said...

Poor baby.....hope she is feeling better.