Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow...Snow...Snow and more snow!!!

YOWZA this snow is nuts! This Western Washington native has some serious adjusting to do now that we live in Eastern Washington!!! We have 8-10 inches of new snow since last night and it's still snowing hard! I have 3 inches of new snow on my car since I cleared it off at 7am! John is staying at my nieces in Walla Walla today, he'll work tonight and we'll deal with getting him home Friday morning. OMGosh will Amanda's flight be delayed or canceled? EEKS! She is scheduled to arrive in Walla Walla at 5:30pm Saturday. Let's pray she's not delayed and arrives safely. I better alert my family still in Western Washington we may need their help. If she gets stuck in Seattle I'll give them a call to get her from Seatac until we can get her here. Thank God for family! :-)

I am off to go pack up, clean off the car and see if I can make it to my mom's a few blocks away. It would be fun if we could make Christmas cookies with Grandma Marcia today. I'll take pictures and post as soon as I can. It's a winter wonderland over here! :-) I think it's pretty likely we'll have a white Christmas!

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