Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did she really put two & two together?/Pkg from Auntie Katie!

Good Morning!!!! It's hump day! Up and over we go. Best news for me is John is off for the next 3 weekends and a week before Christmas! Yahooo! So get this yesterday was John's day to have LeAnne, while he was in the bathroom my sister called, well he comes out of the bathroom (it wasn't long) to find LeAnne holding his phone babbling and then he hears my sister saying "give the phone to daddy". WHAT? Are you kidding me? She knew to answer daddy's flip phone? How adorable and scary is that! :-)

Thank-you Auntie Katie for spoiling our girl once again! Our girl is so blessed to have family and friends who love her so very much! LeAnne scored once again... 3 new dresses, a few cute long sleeve onsies, a Winnie The Pooh snow suit and 3 new dresses. Perfect timing on the dresses because I've bene having trouble finding a Christmas dress I likes. :-)

Well I must go get LeAnne some breakfast, wake up daddy and then I am off to work! Oh on a work note I had the best teaching moment yesterday with my student. We don't know if his handwriting will ever be wonderful so I am starting to teach him how to type. The first lesson was really terrible so we've been looking around for a special keyboard and software, but in the mean time I wanted to give it another try. So I told him I had a challenge for him, showed him how to put his left hand on the home keys, I sat next to him and did the same thing and then had him look at me and type asfd asdf asfd many times while saying it in a sing song voice. Then I said okay now look at me and type dad, no peaking and.... he did it! OMGosh he was so proud of himself! SCORE!!! I love this little guy!!! He loves the computer and I see it being a big part of his future so the more I can teach him the better. He wants to be an Astronaut, loves all things space, and Star Wars. I refuse to set limits for him, the sky is the limit in my mind and I am going to do the best I can to help him be the best he can be.

Have a wonderfully wacky Wednesday!!


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