Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Yesterday I made Christmas cookies with Amanda and my youngest nieces. It was fun , I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to LeAnne joining my helper team next year. The cookies themselves didn't turn out all the best. I think I was too distracted while making the dough so they certainly don't taste like my mama's cookies. Some of the cookies are a bit interesting but I am not going to let it bug me because as I've learned this year "Life is messy"! Next year I will have the dough pre-made so I don't have distractions and can use my helpers to bake and decorate. I got up this morning to finish backing the Chocolate Krinkle cookies and the Chocolate Chip cookies because we ran out of steam and it got too late. :-) The girls were a huge help when it came to keeping LeAnne happy!!!

Amanda's bag arrived late yesterday afternoon! :-) She's one happy girl! I love having our girl with us! She's growing up so much!

John spent a lot of time yesterday on our garage room taking the snow off so the roof doesn't collapse when it starts to melt. He officially hates snow! Poor guy was EXHAUSTED and freezing. We are expected to get dumped on again Christmas Eve, oh that's today! LOL!! We are off to Grandma Marcia's house tonight for Christmas Eve!

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