Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Tomorrow is the "official" first day of winter and I am ready for it to be Spring. LOL!! The way Winter is kicking off I pray were not in for a long, hard Winter. Dayton received a record 11 inches of snow in the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. today (Dec 19, 2008), The Associated Press reported today. That obliterated the old record of 3.5 inches set in 1978, according to weather service records. Information found in an article in the Union Bulletin newspaper. I know in years past living in Western Washington I wished for snow and hated to see it go so quickly but I am pretty sure I've had my fill of snow now! LOL!! I know this snow has my dear husband all worried about everything and that's not him to be a worry wart. We have another strong storm front moving into our area this afternoon which is forcasted to bring a lot more snow. UGH! We are praying Amanda's flights are not canceled, she arrives here safely and then we are able to make it home. This afternoon we will be leaving LeAnne with mom while we go grocery shopping and then pick up LeAnne. LeAnne is still not feeling well (either am I) and getting stuck in the snow with a toddler is not a good so were playing it safe. These roads are down right treacherous! I look forward to having to spending some quiet time close to home with my husband and our girls! The snow is beautiful, it does seem more peaceful outside, and it will be neat to have a white Christmas. I look forward to taking a walk in the snow with John and Amanda.

I am praying LeAnne & I get healthy quickly so we can enjoy Christmas! She's got a stomach bug and I have a cold. Good times as daddy says! I am so EXCITED to have John home for a week! 5 more days until Christmas!! YEAH! I'll post some snow pictures of our house soon.

LeAnne loves rocking in Grandma Marcia's rocking chair. Notice the snow in the window. LeAnne and I spent the night with Grandma on Thursday. Thursday night LeAnne figured out how to climb onto grandma's rocking ottoman, climb into grandma's chair and she was pretty proud of herself. Look out!

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