Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas decorating & more...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas our house.
Our trip to town on Saturday was fairly successful. We are 90% done with our Christmas shopping, and we got our Christmas tree. This year we got a different type of tree for a change of pace. It's called a Concolor Fir. LeAnne napped in the car so she was reading to go once we got home. Decorating with her toddling underfoot is definitely a challenge! We kept giving her decorations that she could enjoy without harming and she really did fairly well. Our Christmas tree has dog pen around it to keep little hands at bay. So far she is respecting the fence. She loves the lights! If you listen carefully she is trying to say "pretty pretty". Their is a little snowman that makes funny noises when dropped that she LOVES! I'll post a video of her playing with it. Listen for her laugh. Oh I forgot to tell ya she had a her picture taken with Santa at Walmart on Saturday. She wasn't scared at all and had a big smile on her face. We didn't get the picture because you had to wait around for a few hours and she was DONE shopping. It was a free Walmart picture.

12 more days until Amanda comes on December 20th! I decorated the downstairs with Christmas decorations too. Daddy just needs to give it the finishing touch by adding some lights. We are so excited to be together as a family this Christmas! Seeing my family spend time together is the best gift I could ever receive. The recent loss of a dear friend has me cherishing my family even more! Life is such a precious gift, enjoy it, make a difference in the lives around you and share your LOVE!

This Friday is the Christmas program at school. John, my mom and LeAnne are coming. I can't wait to introduce them to the kids, my co-workers and have LeAnne's pix taken with Santa. Now lets hope she holds it together since the program doesn't start until 7pm.

LeAnne & I were invited to the 1st annual cookie baking party at the Hoyecki's next Saturday! The forecast is calling for snow Friday through Sunday! I am praying it doesn't stick around and then over Christmas break snows a ton. I am dreaming of a white Christmas!!

I must run off for now to finish up my lesson plans for this week before lil one wakes up. I pray each of you has a blessed week, full of love and laughter.

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