Saturday, December 6, 2008

(Not so) Silent Night

I saw this poem in Baby Talk magazine (written by Melissa Balmain) and it fits LeAnne's current stage almost perfectly. This Christmas Daddy, Grandma & I are wishing for days without screaming, at least one good nap a day and silent nights.

(Not so) Silent Night

Silent Night, sheer delight.
Kid's asleep-shocking sight.
Can't believe she's not up until all hours,
Screeching while the whole
neighborhood glowers.
Hey-let's trim up the tree!
It's our once chance, you and me.

Silent night? Well, not quite.
Kid's awake; plans ignite.
Won't be trimming the tree
after all,
Baking cookies or decking
the hall.
Next year, maybe-we'll see-
Or we could wait until she's 3.

When LeAnne is reading for a nap we are heading into Walla Walla to finish our Christmas shopping and get our tree. Our hope is she will nap in the car and be a happy girl! We hope to get our Christmas decorations all up this weekend too. This should be interesting with lil one at our feet!

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