Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful all girl weekend

It sure has been a gorgeous weekend! I found myself stopping to appreciate the world around me a lot. Listening to the birds sings,the wild turkey's gobble, and watching the deer graze on the hill up above our house. It was quite peaceful. The air even smelled nice and fresh. The only thing that would have made it better was if my man was home to share it with his girls. We spent a lot of time playing in the back yard. On Sunday morning I blew bubbles for LeAnne & Bella. It was too funny because LeAnne had to be quick to pop the bubbles or else Bella bit them. Every time I'd stop LeAnne would sign more please and Bella would sit and stare at me. Here are a few pictures & a video of LeAnne on Sunday. I was able to catch her signing more and please (well pease as she says it). Since we have been more diligent with teaching her some signs we've heard a lot less "me, me,me" and now when she does say it I try to have her tell me what she wants using the signs she knows. I have run into a few instances where she will ask for something she can't have like my glass of pop and I have to tell her no, even when she signs & says Please. Oh that makes her to angry, our lil girl can definitely throw a fit quite well but she's a smarty so I have no doubt she'll get it all figured out sooner rather than later.

In other random babblings Bella got a bath, I LOVE my new kitchen faucet and LeAnne learned how to flush the toilet. I completed one scrap book page about LeAnne's first hair cut 3 days before she was 7 months and started 4 more pages today about her 1st birthday. I can't believe I am so very very close to being completed with her first year book. I have taken way too many pics to scrap them all but I think I've caught the big moments. At this rate though she will have MANY scrapbooks. I'd love to hear how you organize your children's books? Do you scrap a page a season, holidays, vacations and big school moments? I am also concerned at this rate when #2 comes along (in the future) he/she will not have a scrap book any where near as nice as LeAnne's. Kinda like my first dog Gracie has a whole book about her and our 2nd dog Bella has 4 pages of when she was a puppy. Bad fur mama! Okay enough babbling, lil one needs a bath and it's back to work tomorrow.

Such a serious look!

Grandma Marcia gave us this box full of stuff from our Easter celebration & LeAnne has had more fun playing inside the box, tearing paper off the box, and dumping toys out of the box!

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Mary Jo said...

Hi Jana,

I do so enjoy keeping up with your family. Your Grandma Alice gave me the address when she visited Craig & I with Loren & Beulah in Florida in February, we had such fun.

LeAnne is such a beauty! Bless you all and Happy Spring!