Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello again! Happy Thursday! Here I am again, siting in my cozy corner of the world, pondering all I have to be thankful for. Here goes my short list, not all inclusive and in no particular order.

Thankful for the extra day off I get in May. I am off May 22-May 25th for a long Memorial day weekend!

I am thankful John is off then too so were off to see family in Oregon & take LeAnne on her first trip to the zoo! I can't wait to see Amanda, Grammy, Grammpy, and hope to see Carrie & the kids too! Yahoooooo!!

I am thankful, oh so thankful June 11th is quickly approaching. I am looking forward to the summer a lot! Think I am going to pass on working Summer school this year. I want this time with my family.

Thankful Stellan is doing so ok since having his heart surgery on Tuesday. Keep praying because he's having a rough time again. It's been quite the roller coaster ride. It seems his SVT may be returning, if meds don't prove to control the SVT he may have to have open heart surgery & a pace maker.

Thankful my nieces mare had her baby this week, a healthy filly. Welcome to the world Hydi!

I am ALWAYS thankful for my daughters. Amanda made my day on Saturday by calling me! Oh it was GREAT to hear her voice. I can't wait to give her a great big hug in May! Then their is little LeAnne; you light up our life little girl!

I am thankful for all the ways LeAnne makes me smile! Her newest trick is taking pea gravel by the handful from under the backyard steps and dropping them on the cement & grass. This is not good so today I'd tell her no and she'd lay down with the rocks in her hands. I was like HUH? It was like she thought that would make me upset or something. It was funny!

Thankful we have Tulips blooming! They're beautiful! Stay away deer!!

Thankful 1 of our new Concord grape plants has a bud! Yahoo! I can smell the grapes ready to be picked. Well not really but I can imagine what they'll smell like one year!

Thankful our Cranberry Bush & Nine Bark are coming back! We thought we'd lost them! (notice the crushed Tulips in the front, thanks to the deer) oh and my Star Gazer Lilly is coming back too! That is the Lilly Amanda got for me when I was in the hospital after back surgery in 2002. It has survived well!

Thankful for the awesome OT session today with my student. I love the new OT! I am learning lots & I see huge improvements in my student already!

I am thankful for KLOVE, a great listener supported Christian radio station.

Thankful for Cute thing laughing, their is nothing like the genuine sound of a child's laugh to lift your spirits. You can't help but laugh!

I am thankful John is off this weekend. I love family weekends!!

Oh so thankful John is off for Father's day weekend this year. It will be a weekend filled with fun. All Wheels Weekend in Dayton, a wonderful wedding, and Father's day! I am thankful both my dad and brother will be here too! John can have some guys to enjoy the cars with and I can spend Father's day with my dad!

Thankful, very, very thankful for Sleep! Never ever under estimate the need for sleep. Sleep deprivation almost kicked my rear end but I survived. ha ha sounds like a bumper sticker. Or how about I survived sleep deprivation. LOL!! I am getting a bit strange, need to get to bed. Off to dream land folks. Until next week... I'd love to know what you're thankful for. Come on ya know ya wanna comment on my blog. 1 thing you're thankful for!

Have a blessed Friday! I am thankful, O so thankful and blessed!!

Good Night!

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The Earhart Family said...

I'm thankful that God blessed so many people with your wonderful presence! I miss you!