Friday, April 3, 2009

Lookin adorable in her OshKosh B Gosh

*Update* Funny story; LeAnne was walking around the kitchen this morning patting the dogs, or pretending to groom them saying the same thing over & over. I am slow so after a lil bit I get what she's saying "Sit". After I did a happy dance because she's learned another new word, I thought hmmm if someone didn't know us well they might think she was saying something with an sh in from of it. We don't swear much in our house at all and now we will have to be extra careful for sure. LOL! We do tell her to sit a lot though, especially when she's on the couch & in the bath tub, she likes to stand and we say no sit down. She's napping do I shower or keep cleaning the kitchen? ****

It's a good thing she is so adorable because WOW was she ever one crabby girl yesterday. I am pretty sure she's getting a head start on her terrible 2's. Every meal she threw at least 2 temper tantrums and watch out if this girl can't get what she wants does she ever get mad! Yesterday we were standing in line at Starbucks when she starts turning on the smiles for the nice old guy behind us. We get ready to walk away and he says "Is she always this good". Hee hee!

Well lil girl is waking up so off to get 0ne good morning baby nuzzle-wuzzle hug.

Happy Friday! Have an outstanding weekend!! It's expected to be really NICE here so I plan to take LeAnne to the park.

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