Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday Amanda

It seems unreal that Amanda can be 16 years old today! It seems like just yesterday I met her for the first time. I met her for the first time on July 4th 2000 (I'm almost positive but sometimes the years run together. I know Amanda was either 7 or 8, it was July 4th, we did go horse back riding together and at lunch Amanda ordered a Chocolate Chip pancake. One of the things that attracted me to her daddy right away was how he interacted with her. From the first day I met her Amanda has had a special place in my heart. Our first camping trip together I went to tuck Amanda into bed and she says can you stay until I fall asleep, you'll know I am asleep when I start to snore. So I wait, waited some more and then WHOA Baby she began to snore and I remember thinking how can such a loud noise come from such a little girl. Hee hee

Amanda was my first real experience as a mama, being a step-mama isn't for the faint at heart either. I am thankful for the relationship we have! I am thankful her maw maw (mom) doesn't mind sharing her girl. I HATE, I mean absolute hate that we are so far away from her and get to see her less & less these days. I loved our monthly trips when she was younger though I always cried my eyes out when we left her. Summer has always been my favorite time of year because Amanda comes to stay at least a month and sometimes the whole summer! I LOVE IT! Family game nights are the best. Our most memorable vacation was to San Diego, CA!

Amanda has certainly changed a lot since we first met. Oh I loved the years when as parents we could do not wrong! Then she hit 11 or 12 and our IQ's dropped significantly. LOL! I use to love school shopping when we could pick out adorable outfits and she's agree. I have enjoy many fun, conversations with her as she's gotten older. I love watching her play with her little sister! She adores her. Amanda has such a kind, loving and gentle heart. She is very creative and artistic. I know God has big plans for our girl and I can't wait to watch them unfold. I pray for her daily and look forward to this summer when I can hold her close, and tell her I love her in person a ton of times.

I am a better person for knowing you, Amanda! You will always be the one who prepared me for motherhood...the older years! LOVE YOU SWEETIE!

Amanda & LeAnne Christmas Eve 2008

May 19th 2001 - Our 1st family photo

Amanda & Jana - 5/19/01

Daddy & Amanda - Christmas 2002

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