Monday, July 6, 2009

Eagle Crest vacation; The good, bad & ugly

We were at Eagle Crest Oregon World Mark/Trendwest resort from June 28th until July 3rd, checked out around Noon, headed up to Salem, spent the night with Grammy & Grampy and headed home July 4th. Our vacation was quite the experience to say the least.

The Good...

The drive was non eventful and beautiful. I've never seen so many breath taking views of so many different mountains at the same time. We stayed at Eagle Crest resort near Bend, Oregon. Spending time with John's brother and his family was a lot of fun! Emma & Cash are too cute! We enjoyed having dinner with them, watching the kids swim in the Spray park kiddiepool and play at the park in the Old Mill district. While at the Old Mill district I was excited when Emma started to warm up to me by taking and Aunt Pam boughtLeAnne her first ice cream cone which she absolutely loved. We hope they are able to come up and visit us one day. It was a lot of fun watchingLeAnne play in the water & she played on a big kids toy set for the first time. She is one very brave little girl! We enjoy seeing the sights which included a visit to lava lands, drove around Sun River resort/city (John's family use to vacation their a lot way back when so he was excited to see it again), and we visited the High Dessert Museum. It was a neat look back in history through some well put together exhibits. While there LeAnne felt sand for the first time. Another highlight of our was running into a cousin of John's mom and her family. From the sounds of it these families use to spend A LOT of time together during their childhood, so it was a fun reunion. Their is talks of a camping reunion trip next year.

The Bad...

A stomach bug or food poisoning of some sorts found all of us to some degree. I think it could have been from something in the spaghetti I cooked Monday night. I was somiserable I could do nothing but puke then lay down and this went on for at least 12 hours. Thank God LeAnne only threw up a few times and really Thank God that John was well enough to take care of both of us. Thank-you honey! We spent all day Monday in our room and I was ready to go home. Thankfully I felt better enough the next day to continue our vacation so we could see the sights.


This is was our first vacation with LeAnne and our high maintenance 20 month old made the week anything but relaxing! This was really not how we had pictured the week going. In her defense she was away from the comforts of home, had no routine and might have been teething. That being said she refused to sleep on her own, we couldn't let her scream after 10pm, so all but one night we slept together either in the bedroom or the hide-a-bed in the living room. Co-sleeping isdefinitely NOT for me!! LeAnne is a wild, wild sleeper. I lost count how many times I got kicked in the head. I didn't sleep soundly at all because I was afraid she was going to fall off the bed, or she'd wake up screaming and I'd sooth her back to sleep. She also refused to eat much of anything so she'd get hungry and then scream because she washungry but wouldn't eat. The worst screaming fit happen when she woke up hungry as we were taking a drive to Sisters,Oregon while she was napping in the car. Oh man their was nothing I could do to make her stop screaming, John was looking for a tree to drive into and I was crying too. We felt like the worse parents ever when we stopped at a rest stop near Salem, Oregon. She woke up again screaming. John got her out while I fixed her a PB&Jsandwich, she wanted nothing to do with the sandwich , water or other snacks so I thought maybe its her teeth, so I gave her some Tylenol and she continued to scream. We were trying everything and she just kept screaming so we finally got back in the car and drove. She was a really good girl while we were sight seeing and visiting family but boy she had her rough moments. Lets just say we don't plan on taking her on anymore vacations until she's 5!

We were never so glad to be home in our lives!! We could tell LeAnne was happy to be home too. She immediately started to relax. She ate a little bit better that night but has definitely turned into a grazer which I've read is common in toddlers so I giving her a bunch of small healthy snacks through out the day instead of 3 meals. She is still struggling with sleeping. She goes to sleep as I rock her, wakes up as I walk into her room, then screams for a while until she falls to sleep. It's rough but at least we can deal with it at home a whole lot better than on the road.

There ya have it the good, the bad and the ugly of our vacation. I am very thankful we were able to see family, thankful for my ever patient husband, and oh so VERY thankful to be HOME! HOME SWEET HOME!! Here are a few more vacation pictures;

Checking out sand for the 1st time EVER!

Oh she LOVED her ice cream! Thank-you Aunt Pam!!

Eating her ice cream with a spoon. :-)

lava lands, Bend,Oregon

Sunset view from our room

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