Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer fun & a classic picture

LeAnne sleeping in her high chair during dinner at 6pm yesterday. She didn't have a good nap, she's a screamer. Mama says to daddy "now what to I do?" Daddy says "wake her up & go from there". Mama says "Nope, not until I clean the kitchen".

So she slept & I cleaned the kitchen. She woke up, I put her in her PJ's & wiped the carrots off her face, attempted to put her in her bed where she screamed for 1/2 hour before I said "no more". Got her up, gave her a bath & she was up until 10:30pm.

New morning routine (sans bottle)
Wake up happy (parents preference)
change diaper
Stagger around, watch a min or two of cartoons
go into kitchen saying "me, me, me" which means I want snack # 1 for the day
This morning I had her morning snack (grapes & Cherrios) already to go
Take snack, drink along with blankets, sit in daddy's chair to watch cartoons for 1/2 hour then mama has breakfast in the works.

Daddy's little helper girl!

Playing at the park in town. She loves to go up & down these stairs!

Hanging on the bar in back of the jeep at the park. She's strong! I was freaking when she started doing this!

Driving the jeep at the park.

Going across the suspension bridge on the play set at the park. She loves this a lot!

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