Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday through pictures

Good Morning! Another Thankful Thursday coming to ya from Eagle Crest Oregon. I am very thankful we didn't have to cut our vacation short due to LeAnne & I getting a not so fun stomach bug. LeAnne is doing well & I am on the mend. I thought I'd share some vacation pictures & incorporate what I am thankful for through the pictures. We are going to explore the Old Mill district today then tomorrow afternoon we check out of here and drive up to Salem, Oregon to visit Grammy, Grampy, Carrie & her kids. We will be on our way home this weekend.

I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel for us as well as Amanda & her mom. They are heading up to Seattle today to attend the Green Day concert Friday & then have a girls weekend. I'd also appreciate prayers for their mother/daughter time together. Without further babbling I give you thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for?

Already to go swimming mama! I am thankful for her cute lil button nose!

Look at me swimming in the kiddie pool at the Spray Park at Eagle Crest! She LOVED it! I am thankful that she was brave, she went out of her way to interact with other kids and she had such a great time.

Here's LeAnne & Daddy at the High Dessert Museum! I am thankful LeAnne was on her best behavior so we could enjoy the museum. LeAnne had fun seeing the animals & she got to feel sand for the first time EVER.

Our brave girl floating on her back all by herself! I was close by of course.

We explored the Lava Lands in Bend Oregon. It was amazing to see where the lava had been. Thankful to have had this experience!

Beautiful mountain views are all OVER this place! Thankful God made the earth so beautiful!

Thankful for these two awesome people getting a COLD shock at the Spray park at Eagle Crest Oregon. Thank-you honey for taking care of LeAnne & I when we were not feeling so hot. You're an amazing friend, husband and daddy!!

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Eva Foster said...

I love this post!! Such great pictures. How did LeAnne do floating on her back? And, where on earth did you find that life jacket? I could not find a cute one like that for Kenzie. Hmmm. Glad you are feeling better!!