Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here I am again, bring you another edition of Thankful Thursday from our little place in the country. Yesterday was such a beautiful drive into town. The wheat fields are so beautiful this time of year! It is going to be another amazingly beautiful day here! 92 F today, 93 F Friday, 95 Sat, 89 Sun, 89 Mon, and 90 Tues. I am loving it! LeAnne & I will be playing in her pool & wagon a lot. Without further babbling here's a list of what I am most thankful for this week, in no particular order and not all inclusive.

These are pictures I took in 2005 while visiting my sister, before we lived here.

1. Thankful I had just enough cash on me to get the groceries we needed. (actually had 94 cents extra that went in out coin cup)

2. Thankful my husband is so very productive on his days off. He's a man on a mission, gets out there and gets it done!

3. Thankful LeAnne is sleeping much better! We've found a nap time & bed time routine that works for her, for now anyway.

4. Thankful for the birds that have found our bird feeder. It's so much fun to watch them.

5. Thankful for our resident hummingbird (Flash) and the other intruders who stop by to eat. We have more fun watching them!

6. Thankful my man is great with money, bills, budget and all that jazz. I know what's going on but he handles the details on a day to day basis. For that I am very thankful, because other wise I'd be a stressed out wreck all the time.

7. Thankful to have a summer vacation! It is amazing being a SAHM during the summer. I LOVE spending so much time with LeAnne & John. I love having time to do things. I love having time to keep the house up without being stressed. I love being able to work on my scrapbooks. I just plain LOVE it!

8. Thankful my mom & John have agreed to do whatever is necessary to take care of LeAnne while I go to Vancouver, Washington for a week. I am very nervous about leaving her and making the drive alone but this is important so I must push forward. I will be taking a week long class at the Washington State School for the Blind to help me better understand my students sight impairment, learn new method for teaching him, hopefully tap into a resource to get him some large print books and make some connections within the education community. It will be good for me to get away too. I just have to not spend the week dwelling on the fact that I am not home with my girl. I'd appreciate your prayers!

9. Thankful for farmers! I have a lot of admiration for farmers. They have some very tough jobs. I love how they use their land wisely!

10. Thankful LeAnne is so hungry to learn new things. Most recently she's taken an interest in counting, singing the ABC's (I sing it 10-20 times a day) and singing head, shoulders, knees, & toes (quite the workout when ya do it enough times).

11. Thankful we have enough. God's provisions are amazing!

12. Thankful for the 55 minute phone conversation I had with my little brother last week. It was so much fun talking to him. He's very excited and nervous about becoming a daddy in January.

13. Thankful for my health & my families health! We are blessed.

14. Thankful for the guide I have in Jesus. I almost jumped at an opportunity this week but I researched it more and it felt funny, like not quite right so I prayed about it and He gave me peace in knowing it wasn't quite right so I let it go.

15. Thankful for my online friends. I hope to meet them all in person one day.

16. Thankful for my marriage. I love being married to my husband. He's a wonderful man!

17. Thankful for surprises. I like being caught off guard by an act of kindness. Random acts of kindness rock! What can you do today to bring joy to someone else?

18. Thankful for mail other than bills & junk mail. Brighten some one's day by sending them a card just to say hello.

19. Thankful for my mom! She's an awesome woman & very appreciated!!

20. Thankful LeAnne is now saying "mama"! Ecstatic is a better description!

21. Thankful for our walks to the park.

22. Thankful for the sweet ceiling fan my husband installed this week.

23. Thankful for the new patio table top he made because our glass table top was broken by our umbrella that came out due to wind last week. You're the man!

24. Thankful for the phone conversation I had with my dad this week. Prayin he has a great trip this next week & prayin for Uncle Al who's going in for back surgery.

25. Thankful for blogs, twitter, and facebook. I love being connected, learning new things, trying to win cool stuff but I am a little to addicted so I'll be trying to pull away some.

26. Thankful for relaxing days at home.

27. Thankful for trips to town. Feeling a bit isolated at times.

28. Thankful I have time to experiment with new meals and healthy snacks.

29. Thankful for our adorable pups Gracie & Bella.

30. Thankful for the LOVE I feel from my family!!

Well they're ya have it, the short list for the week. I would sure love to hear what you're thankful for?

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