Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Rufflebutts!!

Remember this precious outfit LeAnne got from my good friend Laura? Who could forget these pictures! I loved this outfit. She looked so darn cute in all those ruffles. My only regret is that she only wore the outfit once, for these pictures, because she was a growing girl. Oh Rufflebutts!! :-)

I was so excited when I Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House tweeted review & giveaway for Rufflebutts. They have so many adorable outfits, it was so hard to choose just one I'd like to win for the give away. My top choices are:

The white tee that says so blessed with the fushia rufflebutts

Simply Elegant Sundress - Bright Floral with RuffleButt Woven Aqua Floral Fun

Feel free to click on all these links to check out the Rufflebutts clothing line. Be warned though, you will want to add many items to your cart, I know I did!

Oh Rufflebutts, they have some amazing sales right now but times are lean in our neck the woods so unless I find that long searched for money trees I am hoping I win the giveaway.

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