Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I think most people have been affected by the recession in some way or another. We've made some major life changes in the last 2 years that have turned our lives upside down and we are still learning to live our new reality. In a nut shell our daughter was born 10/11/07, my husband got a new job, I quit my job as a project manager for Boeing, We bought our first home, moved across the state, moved from a big city to a small farming town, and on 10/31/08 I started a new career as a special education para-professional at small elementary school. I started writing Thankful Thursday because our family is very blessed and I want to always remember no matter how we may struggle we have a lot to be thankful for.

Since Thursday is drawing to a close I am going to write a short list, then next week I will be out of town so the next Thankful Thursday will be the first week in August. Without further rambling here's my list;

I am very thankful we took a huge LEAP of faith. I love our house. I love the peacefulness that surrounds us. I love being off this summer with my daughter & husband, I love my job, and I am happy my husband is happy with his job & our new home. (I guess you could say I am thankful for all of those things too).

2. I am thankful for our daughters! I miss Amanda a lot! I think about her many times a day. I got a message from her today saying she missed us and can't wait to come see us again. We pray we can afford to fly her up for Christmas. I pray for her daily! LeAnne your parents love you so much little girl.

3. I am incredibly thankful LeAnne's nap time/bed time routine! After 16 months of sleep deprivation, 21 months of fighting to get her to go to bed and stay asleep the last few weeks have been a welcome yet bitter sweet blessing. She has been running to her crib, can't wait to get in to read her books, and she is taking 1 1/2 to 2 hr naps and sleeping through the night. I say it's bittersweet because I loved our cuddle time, I loved kissing her many times as she fell asleep, and it shows our girl is growing up. I'll miss those times and yep this is my first of many lessons in doing what is right for her! I am also very proud of her! She's one dynamic little girl!

4. I am thankful for the cabinets my husband recently acquired through a remodeling project. His shop is looking awesome and that makes him happy. I like a happy husband!

5. Oh so thankful to be able to experience being a mama! PCOS had me thinkin I may never be a mama but PRAISE God for our daughter. It's been a wild ride for sure, I am learning, I am relaxing, and loving it.

6. Thankful for the amazing skills hypnosis techniques I learned from Nancy. I know its why I had such an amazing labor/delivery, I use these skills frequently to cope with pain, and to relax.

7. Very thankful LeAnne will be well cared for while mama goes out of town to take a class for work.

8. Thankful Stellan is doing okay tonight & praying for him and the family as they have changes coming their way. In the midst of those changes Stellan is having more SVT, the Dr's are talking. Thankful God is with them every step of the way.

9. Thankful oh so thankful God is providing for our family!

10. On that thankful note...thankful my work is providing a credit card for me to pay for gas when I attend a week long class 5 hours away from home.

11. Thankful for the love, the prayers and support that surrounds this precious family on their journey of love.

12. Thankful for these adorable clothes we got from cousin Emma! Thank-you Uncle Matt & Aunt Pam. I can't believe the shirt is 24 month and the Capri jeans are 2T. The belt is definitely holding her pants up.

13. Thankful ya'll understand I must sign off for now because my brain is mush and know I am thankful for a lot more. I hope in the near future to set up a blog carnival so others may join me in sharing what they are thankful for. I am learning all about McLinky's so stay tune. In the mean time please feel free to write a comment sharing what you are thankful for.

We are a blessed family indeed!

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