Monday, July 13, 2009

LeAnne finally said Mama!

Updated to add one long video that finally uploaded, I warn you it's long, just randomness before bedtime with LeAnne & mama...

We have been working with LeAnne for what seems like forever to get her to say "mama". She knows who I am, and where to go when she needs something but she wouldn't say "mama" for anything. She'd look at daddy and say "da, da, daddy". I know you're a daddy's girl but come on sweetie say "mama". Nope she'd find every picture of him in the house and say "da, da, daddy". Then yesterday outa the blue she points at me and says "ma, ma, mama"! Ahh, awww music to my ears! She said it all day yesterday. I love it! Here are a few short videos I took yesterday before bedtime. I apologize for the poor lighting and I hope you don't get dizzy. It was very hard to get her on camera because she wanted to see the baby (her) on the camera so we had to do quick extreme close up videos so she could see herself. LOL!! I love listening to her little sweet voice! It's far better than listening to her SCREAM as she goes to sleep or oh boy can our 21 month old throw doozie of a temper tantrum. Thanks mama for helping this mama get through Saturday's tantrum. It's all part of growing up, all part of learning how to be a mama and as this silly little bear on Disney Channel says "It's all part of the plan, more or less".

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