Monday, July 13, 2009

"not me "Monday

Are you feeling guilty for not changing your children's bedsheets for weeks on end? Feel trashy taking your trash to the curb with no bra on? Overcome with embarrassment after your child wets his pants in public? We'll don't be! Not Me! Monday was born out MckMama's desire to admit some of her imperfections and reveal a few moments she'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing! Head on over to her My Charming Kids blog to read more Not Me Monday entries.

I certainly did not let LeAnne try a piece of onion this week while preparing dinner because she was hanging on my leg saying "me, me, me, please". Oh no that would be just cruel to give her a piece of raw uncooked onion.

I most certainly did not encourage LeAnne to take a big old drink of lime juice this week because every time I open the fridge she grabs the bottle. Daddy most certainly wasn't their encouraging her too because he wanted to see the look on her face. We were not both disappointed when she wouldn't take a big drink but thoroughly enjoyed licking on the lid.

I did not wear my bathing suit under my clothes yesterday because I had no clean over the shoulder boulder holders downstairs. Nope not me!

I did not let my 21 month old daughter draw on a piece of paper on the floor so I could finish doing something. No I am very strict about making sure only colors with crayons while sitting in her high chair.

I did not let LeAnne sit in at the kitchen table this week to eat a snack or watch toons. No I have been adamant about not letting her sit at the big person table because she just gets into things.

This first time mama is most certainly not relaxing a bit, is she?

I am not thinking LeAnne please sleep a little bit longer so mama can finish up "not me" Monday and post a blog of you saying mama. What mama would wish their daughter would sleep longer, especially when she's slept through the night and went to bed without screaming her head off.

I most certainly don't think about being pregnant again at least once a week if not more. Not me! I don't constantly try to plan it out in my head, timing wise, when it would be best to get pregnant again. Not me because I learned my lesson about planning when it took me over 5 years to get pregnant with LeAnne.

I didn't have the oddest dream about having a baby last night. The odd part wasn't the fact that family brought to our attention the baby was not ours and it wasn't odd that the babies were in cages. I don't have strange dreams like that and who would ever think of putting a baby in a cage.

I have not been waiting a long time to have some good material for not me Monday so I could be apart of MckMama's blog just, that would be silly.

I have definitely not thought a lot about making a to do list of things I need to do and not made the list just thought about it. Not me because before LeAnne was born I was queen list maker. What happen? I don't constantly think I must get more organized.

I don't secretly hope my husband bought tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert in August, even though I know he hasn't because we can't afford them. A surprise like that wouldn't make my year! I wouldn't be thrilled to attend an amazing concert with my husband.

I don't miss my old job simply because I made darn good money. No I don't miss making good money because I miss finding deals on ebay or craigslist and I could go buy them without thinking about having the money.

I most certainly would not love a date night with my husband because I crave adult conversation! not me! I realize were broke & family time at home is all I need.

I don't dream of a vacation to some fancy place with my husband once day while seriously thinking about having another baby in our future. Not me because I know having another baby will make us even more broke. I don't think that if we get a big jar to save our coins in that we'd have the money by our 15th wedding anniversary to take a cruise some place tropical. It would be a big big jar.

This has been fun but I gotta run. It's time for our morning routine; banana & Cheerios while watching some toons, breakfast, and then get dressed for the day. LeAnne isn't waking up saying "no no, no, oh no, oh man", those are not our little doomsayer's favorite words.

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