Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday LeAnne Kimberly!

LeAnne's birthday was absolutely wonderful! LeAnne was in a great mood all day long! She napped well so she was rested for her party and had a blast at her party. John & I reflected on where we were a year ago and her first year. Our lives sure have changed! We both feel so very blessed! We are so thankful Grandpa Larry & Grandma Elaine we able to come stay with us to share her birthday. LeAnne really warmed up to grandpa! My dad was a huge help to John, getting the fence completed and wiring up lights in his garage. Thanks dad! It was also very nice to have Auntie Katie here!! She spoiled lil miss LeAnne once again! Thanks Auntie Katie!

The party was awesome! Everyone had a great time, including the birthday girl. She had fun opening all her gifts. Thank-you everyone for her gifts. She is one loved little girl! We are so thankful!! She loved her cake! It was like she knew exactly what to do with it. :-) She also had fun playing in her new backyard. Thank-you daddy! The fence is so NICE! Overall it was a wonderful day. I'll post more details and a video or two later. Right now I am exhausted so off to rest before dinner with G-ma Marcia and Auntie Katie. :-) Thank-you everyone for loving us and our little girl! We are so blessed!!

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Karen (friends call me Karebear) said...

Happy Birthday LeAnne! Miles had that same cute decoration (in blue of course) on his high chair for his first birthday. Your present it'll be a couple weeks late but it'll be there! Looks like you had an awesome day.

Lots of love and hugs!