Thursday, October 9, 2008

I should know better by now...

I had a great plan for the day which consisted of me getting up at 4:15, showering, then getting the floors swept and mopped and the big bathroom cleaned BEFORE LeAnne woke up. Ha ha ha! I should know better by now that she's listening to my plans and change her routine to make sure my plans don't happen. LOL! Not really but it sure seems that way. I got my shower, and the floors done by 5:30am when little miss LeAnne woke up. ARG! So I thought no problem, she'll go back down soon and then I can finish. HA HA! That's what you thinkin mama! I am going to boycott naps today! So I went with the flow. We played, I cleaned what I could with her in tow, took some pictures/video that I'll post later and then FINALLY around 11am she went down for a cat nap. It was long enough for me to power clean the bathroom and a few other things. Yahooo victory for mama bear!!

She's been walking so much today. She walked clear across the kitchen! She is so flippin smart. She is always trying to figure out how things go together and how she can stack things. As challenging as our life can be sometimes I LOVE being her mama! We feel so blessed that she has been so healthy, is such a busy lil bee and seems really smart. We are so thankful for all the family and friends who love and spoil our little princess! THANK-YOU!!!

I must go make dinner for John while she is sleeping. It's so much easier if I have dinner and dishes done by the time John goes to work. She's one cranky/needy little girl come evening time. I will update with pictures later tonight.

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