Monday, October 13, 2008

Random thoughts from mama bear

Hi there loved ones!! There are so many thoughts whirling around in my head tonight so hold on tight and prepare for random thoughts from mama bear.

Our backyard is so COOL!
We hung out in our backyard some today, I helped John the best I could while he was staining the fence, I mostly picked up walnuts and chased LeAnne around. The fence is so beautiful! We are thankful for such a handy hubby! He designed and built the fence himself. Thanks honey! I'll post more pictures once the stain is completed. I look forward to spending more time in our backyard! LeAnne loves being outside.

Fall is definitely here & Winter is close behind

This is our first fall in our house and we have been amazed by our walnut tree. It's losing it's leaves and walnuts QUICKLY. It's definitely a hard hat area near the tree. A walnut came within a few feet from hitting LeAnne as she played today. EEKS!

I love being a mama & being a family
Family time is oh so precious! I LOVE IT! I find I am most at peace when spending time with LeAnne & John. Being a mama is far from glamourous, in fact it can be downright frusterating some days but I wouldn't trade my role as mama for anything. I love it and I am learning! Now if I could just figure out how to make money and save money for the family.

I am exhuasted but it's rough winding down sometimes...
I sleep so much better when John is home. I'll write a wee bit more and force myself to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's so I can get up early.

Excited to see Grammy & Grampy
John's foks will be here Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon! Yahoooooo! This will be thier first visit to our new home and we are so excited for them to spend some time. They will no belive how much LeAnne has changed.

Daycare Licensing orientation next week/Creative Memories
There is an all day orientation class in Moses Lake next week. I will call tomorrow to see if there are any spots available in the class. I am aslo going to make an apt to become a CM rep. I don't know if they will be enough money but I gotta get busy figuring how we'll make ends meet.

Good night!!!!

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