Friday, October 24, 2008

My Boeing family ROCKS!

I was having a bit of a rough day yesterday; Feeling discouraged on the job search front, and my back was hurting pretty bad. So I turned off my computer and we went on a walk. When we got back I felt somewhat better, although my back was talking to me big time. Then the mail man brought me a wonderful surprise...the scrap book pages I created for my friends at Boeing to sign in celebration of LeAnne's 1st birthday. My auntie took in cup cakes and the scrap book pages so my friends could celebrate LeAnne' birthday too. Reading the messages made me happy but sad too because I miss my friends.

Thank-you all so much for being apart of our lives and for continuing to be apart of our lives. I did a lot of growing up the 7 years we spent together and we expereinced a lot of life together. In many ways I wish I hadn't left and I'd love nothing more to jump in the car to come see ya'll. I know in my heart God has a plan for our family here in our new home, it's been a rocky start and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you their are many days I wish I were sitting next to Jerrie in my desk in the 4-17 implementing airplanes. I remember when I first came to Boeing as a contract worker through Kelly Services, I recall the day Kitty & Pete asked me to be a scheduler full-time for Boeing, I am sure Dennis remembers the day I got into a tiff with Joe Isgro, still can't believe I made it through the big layoffs, learning ARTEMIS was like learning a new language but I grew to love that scheduling software. Oh so much better than P3e. I got married my first year at Boeing, remember my fake performance evaluation with Linda Byers that I declined because was too busy...a bridal shower, so cool. Who could forget the earthquake that shook us all and condemned the 10-85. Then we moved to the lake, froze our buns off in the factory, worked through the riveting and I survived Dost. I learned a lot about relating to different personalities and always tried to provide the best customer service. I'll never forget the day I met my future boss, working together on a process improvement team was sure fun. It was so much fun telling everyone we had a new blessing on the way. Do ya recall the shirt "The future lies within", ha ha, so many people asked if that was a spiritual message. Thank-you for all your love and support. A lot happen in between, like MMA, AIWS, lots of scheduling, implementing new airplanes in template administration, so many people came and went in our group, strikes, man challenges, and some really fun times too. I will be forever thankful for the experiences and look forward to visiting ya'll again.

Are you sure they isn't a job I could do for ya'll virtually from here? Ya'll know how hard I work, and I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to work virtually with ya'll. I'll commute there a few times a month. What a dream that would be. For now I must jet because lil girl is waking up. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

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