Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Eve my princess!

Good Morning!!!
Happy Birthday eve my precious little princess! The preparation are almost complete for her big day. I am done with my cleaning except for a last minute touch up I'll give the house on Saturday afternoon. Mom & I are going to Walla Walla this morning to go grocery shopping, pick up her princess cake, pick up balloons and a few other errands. My dad & Elaine get here this afternoon. My aunt Katie and hopefully my cousin Alissa will travel her on Saturday. John is going to take a power nap and then get to work on the fence early afternoon. Then John will help me get the decorations put up in the morning. It's coming together.

I want to send a shout out our friends at Boeing in Renton today who will be celebrating LeAnne's 1st birthday today. We miss you all so much and wish we could be there celebrating with you today! We hope to make it over in the Spring for a visit.

In other news John's folks will be coming next week for a visit! YEAH! We are so excited to show Grammy & Grampy around our town, our new home and have them spend some time with LeAnne. Grammy follows our blog but hasn't seen LeAnne since we moved in February.

Well I must go give little girl her breakfast and get her dressed. Here are a few cute pictures I took yesterday and a video showing her walking more and more. Oh and her new sound. I also found out yesterday that she can wiggle out of the chair I was using to take pictures.

Here is a video I recorded of our princess walking up a storm yesterday in our kitchen.

Love ya'll


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, LeAnne!!!!!
(and thanks for the cupcakes, Jana! You're the best!)
Love to you all!!!

Eva Foster said...

Look at her go!!! Woo hoo!!!!! Great job LeAnne!! I hope you have a wonderful first birthday. You are growing too fast! Can't wait to see you smash your cake!!! Love ya sweet pea!