Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Into Everything she is...

Yesterday it seemed every time I turned around LeAnne was into something she wasn't supposed to be or doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. So being the scrap booking mama that I am I had to start capturing these moments. I have some great scrap book pages ideas running around in my head for these pictures. Hee hee! It seems lately she is testing us every time we turn around. Were told this is her job so we'd better get used to it. YIKES! Her latest thing to get into that has been driving me nuts is her changing table. She's been empting the drawers many times a day so last night daddy fixed her. He put saftey locks on the changing table drawers and the 2 bottom drawers of her dresser. She was none to happy to find out she couldn't get all her clothes out anymore. Mind you daddy did put new glides on the kitchen chairs so it will be easier for her to scoot around and MUCH more quiet. :=)

She's getting a lot more independant and plays very well on her own during the day. We've been letting her play in her room (with the baby monitor on & door propped open) a lot more and she is doing well. Thanks to all who love our little girl she has LOTS of toys to play with. She's always trying to figure out how things work and go together. Like right now as I type she has a bottle that she is trying to figure out how the lid screws on it. You go girl!! Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mama! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, great family & friends.

Okay so all bets are off on lil girl playing good by herself at night, she's a morning/day person like her mama and gets down right cranky late afternoon to bedtime. So here's some pix before she melts on me. The absolutely adorable outfit she is wearing is from Grandma Nana. I mean is it too cute!

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Melody said...

I can so relate. Norah is into everything too! Every time I turn around she's standing on top of something with a big self accomplished grin on her face. I've decided that she is part mountain goat : )

LeAnne is sure cute!!!