Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prayers for MckMama & Stellan

**Update** Please keep them prayers coming today & tomorrow! In a nutshell Stellan once again passed the test with flying colors. The amino went great, his lungs are mature and he will be here tomorrow 9:30am CST. See the complete update from Mckmama by clicking this link. They're is a lot up in the air as one of the Dr's told Mckmama and she said it best when she said yes they're is a lot up in the air that is in God's hands. Amen! Please surround this family in prayer!

I only know her by MckMama through reading her blog that I stumbled upon through reading another wonderful blog Bring the rain but I feel so connected to this family. Since I don't know how long I have before LeAnne wakes up I'll give you the quick version of the story. The diagnosis is technical so I'll copy and past it here:

From Mycharmingkids blog "MckMuffin is our 36 week old unborn son S--our fourth blessing! He was quite unexpectedly given to us, and even more unexpected was his diagnosis of heart failure: Premature Atrial Contraction at 20 weeks; Supraventricular Tachycardia, hydrops, and intermittent advanced secondary heart block at 23 weeks; and enlargement of the heart at 32 weeks. We were told at 24 weeks that he would surely die. God performed a miracle and MckMuffin is still with us! The doctors are unsure about what will happen to our baby when he is born. But God is not unsure!! We are praying for MckMuffin's full healing, but we know that God is good no matter what He decides."

It has been very humbling to follow this families journey and I am so thankful I stumbled upon her blog. She shares her life very openly and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Please pray for them today as they are at the hospital having an amnio to see if Stellan will be born TOMORROW. I'll keep you updated and have also linked to her blog for you above or you can click on the image of the family on the left side of my blog.

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