Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random thoughts from Mama bear

Once again I come to you with many thoughts whirling around in my head. Here we go...

Our girl is a champion sleeper!
She slept from 9pm Monday until 7:45am Tuesday! WOWSA you go lil girl!!! I had to wake her up so my mama could take her to pick up Auntie Kym while I went to a chiropractor appointment. She woke up with one heck of scratch on her face but she was happy as could be from the minute her eyes opened. Now that's what mama loves to see. A happy baby not the scratch. On a side note... she didn't take her first name today until just a short while ago, around 3pm. Talk about an energizer bunny!

Guess who is coming for Christmas?

AMANDA! We are so excited!!! Amanda is going to be spending at least a week with us at Christmas!! It is going to be so awsome to have our girls together for our first Christmas in our new home! Amanda is looking forward to seeing her sister so much!! We are in the process of looking for flights and found out they discontinues the non-stop flights so she will have a layover in Seattle so we'd appreciate prayers for her. I think she'll be fine but it's a little scary. Our girls coming for Christmas! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!

I wish I could be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)! I LOVE being at home, caring for my family makes my heart content, and being able to see LeAnne change daily is an amazing gift. I love being here when John gets off work, making him some breakfast, visiting before he heads off to sleep and it's so nice to have plenty of time to get dinner ready for him and make coffee for him when he gets up. I love our family!! I wish their was a way we could make ends meet but unfortunately their is no magic eraser to make our debt disappear.

Lord, what is your will?
Where am I meant to be? Help me to see through your eyes. What I wouldn't give to see through your eyes just a peak of your path for me. I feel my eyes are clouded by what I want and don't want. Help me to look less at myself and more towards you. Dear Jesus please help me to see YOUR will for my life. I want to serve you father. Where do I belong? I want to be the best I can be for you!

My To do List
Seems never ending at times. I am still working on Thank-you cards from LeAnne's birthday, my craft room needs organizing and of course the daily chores are never ending and I am learning to be okay with that. Now mind you some days are better than others. I've had learned though that the house being neat and clean is definitely a comfort zone for me. Though as my dear husband will tell you that applies to some areas and not others. Sometimes things don't always find their way back to the same home (drawer, counter, frig, freezer..) and it drives him nuts. I am a special girl!

I finished a book!!!
Yahoooooooooooooooooo!! I finished a book this morning that I've been reading since LeAnne was a few months old. I am up by 5am in the morning, shower and get things laid out for our breakfast routine. Then I have had a little spare time and I've been using it to read. I have at least 5 more fiction books on my nightstand waiting to be read and then a bible study I want to finish. It feels so amazing to be able think clear enough again that I can read, create and write! Praise the Lord for SLEEP, oh so precious SLEEP!!!

LeAnne loves books!!!

She spends a lot of time most days flipping through books, and we read to her. She's a book worm already. Thank-you Grammy Sally for LeAnne's book! Buzz Buzz Busy Bee is a HUGE hit with her! She lets me read it to her quickly and then she thumbs through it a lot during the day. I took a video that I will upload later. I also finally got pictures of the family into her book called "Who Loves Baby" and she loves it. She's been flipping through it all day long. She gets so excited! The only problem is the book only has 6 pages which means only six pictures. Our little girl is so blessed to have so many people who love her that we need to get her few more books to make sure every one's pictures it there.

I am so thankful...
Amanda & LeAnne have such an awesome daddy! John almost had me in tears the other day when he was talking to Amanda on the phone. The way he praised her for her grades and how beautiful she was since having her braces taken off made my heart leap for joy. Later John said he could hear the smile on her face. Good job daddy! It's so important for our girls to hear those things from their daddy! Yet one more reason I love and admire you!!

My back...
Has been really bothering me for a week or so but I saw the chiropractor today and I am on the mend. I love my chiropractor! I need to go back on Thursday and follow the his orders. His orders are to walk 15 minutes daily and stretch my hamstrings. It's all caused from tension. Me.. tense...nah? He said it's a shame for a person my age to be so tense. I told him my husband says the same thing. Okay, okay I'll work on it.

Fall here in Eastern Washington is
GORGEOUS! The colors are so vibrant! Great shades of red, orange and yellow surround us. I really must take some pictures to share with you. I will go on a walk and then a drive with camera in tow. You know what I love even more...cool SUNNY mornings followed by mild temperatures during the day. I think it's about to get a lot colder though. I am hoping for a white Christmas!

Interviewed Monday
for a para-professional position in Dixie and now I am playing the waiting game once again. If I don't get it then it's because of my lack of experience in the school district and/or they already has someone in mind (It's a small town thang) I told them I'd be willing to sub as long as I am not workin full time. Maybe I need to apply as a sub in ALL the surround towns and see if I could work in all of them. My only fear would be having to turn someone down because I am already subbing somewhere else that day. I'd ultimately LOVE to work for the Dayton School district.

Not me Monday
Another blog I read does a Not Me Monday and I've wanted to participate since she started it but never seem to get to it. I had a great one this week so I'll share with you instead. I don't miss the baby phase so much I'd have another baby right now in a heart beat if things were different. No that's no true because that would just be silly because I just started getting a normal night sleep and I am finally starting to be able to feel comfortable in my role as a mama. I wouldn't want to do something so silly as start all over so soon with another human life. Nope not me! Seriously all in God's timing! ** I didn't will LeAnne to sleep a few more minutes the other morning so I could read my book and enjoy a cup of coffee. Nope not me! Next week I am jumping on the Not me Monday band wagon. It's free therapy!

I voted today!
John's been asking me to fill out my ballot for quite some time now. I hate political crapola so it hasn't been top on my to do list. So this morning he taped the ballot to my forehead and said DO IT TODAY. So I promised him I would vote before turning on the computer again. It's done and ready to be taken to our county drop off sight. I am not 100% sure about some of my choices but it's done. Nope not gonna share who I voted for president. Only going to say I hope he wins and does some good for our country.

I hear

little one stirring in her bed. She's taken an amazing nap. So this ends another random thought trip from mama bear. Thanks for coming along. I'd love your thoughts and comments. :-)

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