Saturday, October 18, 2008

Walked to the park fighting off No-see-ums

LeAnne & I took a walk up to the Dayton City Park. It was fun despite being attacked by No-see-ums! I am not sure that is how you spell it but they're small mosquito type bugs. They are out in force here, it looks like it's snowing/misting outside but it's these pesky lil bugs. They're very annoying, I've eaten a few, LeAnne got one in her eye today and they were all over our clothes. I got a bite from one on my face too! ICK! My sister says they will be gone after the first freeze.

LeAnne had a good time swinging, walking around in the park and watching the big kids. I got a few cute pictures too. Oh and in other NEWS I just found out LeAnne is going to be in Siera's wedding this summer! I thought she was going to be too little but they've come up with a plan to have her ride their pony Nubby down the aisle. Too FUN!

Here is a short video of LeAnne & her little red wagon. Daddy was so excited to get her an authentic Radio Flyer wagon for the birthday. :-)

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