Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yesterday's adventures & working today!

Hellooooooooo from the Leonard house! I am not sure how much time I have here to write because lil one may be gettin up from her nap at any moment. I am so excited to be substituting today as a teacher's aide at the local elementary school in town in the Title 1 classroom from noon to 3pm! I am pondering if I should take care of some kids before and after school that way I would be available to sub when needed and available when a full time job comes open. Now onto yesterday's adventures. LeAnne is showing a lot of interest in feeding herself so yesterday at lunch I decided to try a fork with some left over Lasagna. She was a mess but had a blast and did pretty good! She's starting to become more and more like a little girl and less like a baby.

Now for the real fun... Yesterday afternoon G-ma Marcia, LeAnne and I headed off for our maiden voyage to Walla Walla in Grandma's car with LeAnne in Grandma's new car seat. A few miles from Walmart we heard a whining noise... uh oh is that us? We park at Walmart, smell burning, I get out and coolant is leaking! UGH! So we proceed to Oil Can Henry's to see if they can help us. They thinking it's the water pump, can't help us so they nicely for no charge top off the fluids and tell us where a great repair shop is. We pull into the packed lot, they look at mom's suv and sure enough it's the water pump. LeAnne played very well in the lobby and then we put her in her stroller. The customer service was excellent and they tell us it will be ready Tuesday. So I call John, who's had 1 1/2 hrs of sleep and is just starting to work on the fence, to come rescue us. We walked to a nearby fast food place to wait for John and have some lunch. Daddy to the rescue! We all made it home safely but poor John didn't get much work at all done on the fence. He has a goal to have the fence boards up by her birthday and he's running out of time. I keep telling him it's okay hun, you've had a lot of stuff happen that was out of your control, but he's not buying it and wants it done yesterday. This is one trait of his I admire! When he has a project to complete, look out he's a man on a mission. I'll post pictures of the fence soon.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell ya LeAnne got her 4th haircut yesterday! Bad mama forgot her camera so no pix but I did remember to get a few pieces of hair for her scrap book. The hair stylist loves her so much -- she can't believe how well she sits still. That's my girl. She also sits very well to have her hair brushed and pony tails put in. She's a pro since she's been doing this for 6 months now. Ha ha!

I have a request; if you read our blog and have not comments before please leave a comment because I would love to hear from you and it's cool to know who's following our blog. Thank-you and have a blessed day!!!!

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Eva Foster said...

Look at LeAnne with that fork! Just like a pro! Mac is still trying to get it. She still prefers to dump the bowl or plate on top of her head. She thinks it's hilarious.