Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Worked yesterday & LOVED it !!

I was a substitute paraprofessional yesterday in our local school district. I worked in the Special Ed classroom and with a very sweet young girl in preschool at the elementary school. I LOVED it!! The kids were very COOL, and the other staff was so nice. The day seemed to FLY by so fast! It was great to be able to get LeAnne up, give her breakfast, dressed and then off to Grandma's. Then I went to mom's for Lunch and spent a few minutes with my fave girl there and once I was off work I was able to get to moms to pick up lil one and was home in the blink of an eye. Have I mentioned I LOVED it! I want a full-time job there so bad! I've asked the sub coordinator to use me as much as she can but so far I've only worked twice this month. Uh that won't pay the bills. They're is a position open for a para educator in Dixie which isn't too far away from us either. I am going to call on that position today. Prayers appreciated!

In other happenings John is home today and hope to get the rest of the fence stained. We got our grocery shopping done last night and did well. I am trying to learn how to eat a little bit cheaper and make our money stretch a little further. Gas here is $2.98! Let's hope is keeps going down, down, down. The fall here is beautiful! The colors are amazing. A lot of vibrant reds, yellow, and orange colors. I've decided not to sell Creative Memories. I just got to thinkin in this economy how many people are going to be jumping to buy an expensive scrap booking product, I don't really know a lot of people, do I really want to take the time away from my family to pay one bill sometimes and I don't want to turn the hobby I love into something I can't stand doing because I have to make my quotas. I have faith God will provide a way for our family! It's scary but we have to just keep on marching on.

Little girl is waking up so must run. Have a blessed day all! HUGZ and lots of love flying your way!!!

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